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Our Solution

With Leafpak we maintain three very important qualities for all the products we manufacture and sell to the industry and in retail and that is for our products to be; re-pulpable, compostable, and biodegradable. We are changing the future for our health and our planet.


91% of all plastic that's been made has never been recycled. Plastic food packaging pollutes our oceans and our earth.

Unsustainable packaging exposes people to dangerous chemicals like BPA's, phthalates, and perfluoroalkyl's.


Leafpak is not only a sustainable option, but a trustworthy one. Our professional team comes with experiencein both the food packaging and paper industry.

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Our Products

Paper Straw

Ocean Friendly

Paper Bag


Paper Board

Oil Proof

Wrapping Paper


Paper Cups

Plastic Free

Our Solutions

Leafpak Is Paving The Way To A Future That Is Kind To Both You And The Environment.

Why We

Are Different

While many paper products, such as cups and wrappers, are coated with plastic and dangerous chemicals, LeafPak formulates paper products with a unique water-based coating that allows them to be not only repulpable but 100% biodegradable, and safe for your health.


Our paper cups, wrappers, and oil-proof board are trusted and utilized by restaurants, cafés, and food distribution centers that seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

Read more about the health and nature concerns of the F&B industry and what we're doing to change it.


Revolutionary paper bags, plastic-free insulated paper cups, and more 100% biodegradable  packaging and products are customizable for your bulk purchasing needs.

Our Mission



All Leafpak Products Are Focused On Being

Re-pulpable, Biodegradable, Compostable.

We deliver materials that ensure sustainable packaging solutions for not just the food industry but also for your home.

Protecting the earth and our community members is paramount in our production, so our professional service team, with rich experience in the food packaging and paper development industry, ensure the highest quality for you and those you serve.


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